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Saturday, 8th fo December 2018

TrainMazeLand is coming back to life again after more than a year break.
There is something to do again in TrainMazeland. The server has temporarily stopped its operation in March 2017 when upgrade to LEET version 2 started but didn’t complete due to a technical issue. The server remained off for almost three months until we successfully recovered it, unfortunately from a year old backup. All newer backups were lost. The pause got even longer because minigames didn’t work. This lasted until the 8th of November, when we managed to make the first maze working again.
You can use the latest version of Minecraft to connect o the server. Water, lava, and even TNT now works there.
You need Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.7 to play on TrainMazeland now. This means you can connect from iOS, Android, WIndows 10, and even Xbox One. A lot has changed since the time we published some vide from our server. Water and lava flow, TNT explodes. You can fire arrows from a bow and use new materials, such as prismarine, terracote, or concrete. But these are just a few examples. If you want to know more, you simply have to try it out.
If you write something to chat, we can now answer even without being there.
Did you know that in TrainMazeLand writing to chat make sense even if you’re alone there? The server’s chat is connected to a Slack channel. If you write something on the server, we can read it on Slack and even respond. Our slack can be accessed not only by server staff, but every member. Just ask for access invitation by sending an e-mail to slack at trainmazeland dot com.
Applying for membership or staff position is now much easier. You just tap on a sign.
TrainMazeLand has a new way to apply for membership or staff position. In the past you had to create a sign with your application on a wall in the office. The disadvantage was that anyone could break your sign even before staff noticed it. Now it is much easier. You just tap on the right sign and if you meet all requirements, your application will get logged automatically. If you don’t meet all conditions, a message will appear telling you what you have to achieve before applying. Our staff still has to process all applications manually, but we have a plan to make this easier as well.
Server is preparing for selling land. Buildings outside of dedicated areas may be excluded from backups.
You will be able to buy land on the server soon. Even though this was already possible in the past, we had to do it manually and it was quite complicated, therefore you did not have many land plots to buy. The new system already lets you find out where you are and select areas have more information available. Once the new land system is finished selling and buying land plots will be fully automated. You can still build in the wild, but your buildings will not be protected and may be excluded from backups. We plan to make the new land system work during this winter.
Minigames work again on our server and they are even better than ever before.
And now the more interesting news! There should be no more boredom on our server because we made the first minigames work again and they work even better than ever before. You can get the list of all available minigames by typing the /game list command. Joining a game is also possible by command, but it’s more fun to find the game and join by tapping on a sign. All games start with a delay, so that you have some time to prepare, and every game has a time limit. Every minigame also has a leaderboard, so noone can deny your success and you can even try to beat your own records.
Mazeland has a new maze for two players.
Mazeland has a new maze. We call it The Twins and you’ll find it behind the Invisible maze. But you cannot play this maze alone, you need someone to help you. This minigame has to be played by two players at the same time. While one player tries to find way through the first tower, second player is trying to go through the other one. The game ends with a success when both players meet in the middle of the glass bridge. We have dedicated this maze to the victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on the 11th of September 2001.
Coast parkour is now functional, including checkpoint.
If you prefer jumping over rambling, you will surely be glad that the first Mazeland parkour is functional as well. Even though it’s not ideal for beginners, at least checkpoing works there, so if you reach it you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you make a mistake.
First players have tried our original Czech game Krtci.
First players have tried our original Czech minigame Krtci. This minigame was invented by knedlik two years ago, but we didn’t finish it until recently. The game starts under the ground. You get a shovel and your goal is to dig through a tunnel of dirt and find your way to the top of the molehill. You compete racing against up to three other players and the first three players reaching finish get rewarded. You cannot find this minigame on other servers yet. Until someone illegally copies it.
After three years, Madhon has finally finished his fifth maze.
And the most mad news last. After three years, Madhon finally finished his fifth maze named Maze Inn. Even though the entrance looks innocent at first sight, this maze has over ten thousand rooms under the cover and there is a way to every one of them. There is only one correct path to the finish and it leads through 478 rooms. There is, however, said to exist a simple key and the player who finds it, can go through the maze in about half an hour.

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